Image by Treddy Chen

Calendar contest

Be a part of the The Savannah Kennel Club’s Dogs of Savannah 2022 Calendar.


It’s THAT time! Time to submit your pup’s photos to the Savannah Kennel Club’s “Dogs of Savannah” 2022 calendar photo contest. PLEASE read the notes below. 


How to enter:

  1. Take a picture of your pup.

  2. Email a photo of your pup.  Includ:

    1. Dog’s name,

    2. Dog's age

    3. Breed(s) of Dog

    4. Tell us in a sentence or two what your dog likes to do in Savannah.

  3. Include your name and contact information (phone number and email) to



  1. One entry per person/family.

  2. Entries must be received by midnight, July 31

  3. Entries must be taken in the surrounding Savannah area. This includes the islands, back yards, downtown, etc.


All entered pups’ photos will be posted on the Savannah Kennel Club’s website on August 2 for public voting.


Voting will be from August 2nd thru August 25th.


Winners will be announced August 30th. 


The 12 pups with the most votes will receive a FREE Dogs of Savannah Calendar and appear in the calendar! 


Things to keep in mind:


- Is the background cluttered and distracting, thus detracting from the dog? (cluttered photos aren't likely to be used)

- Are there deep shadows in the photo (which will not print well) that obscure the dog or essential elements of the background?

- Are there people in the photo? (we will not use photos including people or parts of people)

- Is the photo shot at dog level or is the angle disorienting?

- Is the dog the spotlight of the photo? The photo must be more than a beautiful photo that happens to have a dog; it must showcase the dog (and be beautiful, well-composed, etc.).

- Is the photo crisp, clear and clean? Is it a high resolution photo?