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Dog Dressed as Butterfly


Entries must emailed to between August 10th and August 31st.

Voting will run from September 1st to September 27th.

Winners will be announced September 30th.

Please provide the following information:

- Owner Name

- Owner Email

- Owner Phone Number

- Dog Name

- Dog Description

- Dog Breed

- Dog Color

- Dog Sex


We have no pre-set specifics for photos to be used. But since many people have lots of time right now we’re expecting a large number of entries. Below is some helpful information for self-assessing your photos prior to submitting.


Things to keep in mind:

- Is the background cluttered and distracting, thus detracting from the dog? (cluttered photos aren't likely to be used)

- Are there deep shadows in the photo (which will not print well) that obscure the dog or essential elements of the background?

- Are there people in the photo? (since the calendar is celebrating the Dogs of Savannah we will not use photos including people or parts of people)

- Is the photo shot at dog level or is the angle disorienting?

- Is the dog the spotlight of the photo? The photo must be more than a beautiful photo that happens to have a dog; it must showcase the dog (and be beautiful, well-composed, etc.).

- Is the photo crisp, clear and clean? Is it a high resolution photo? 

- Is there "drama" or "tension" in the composition of the photo? Does the photo tell a mini-story?


If your photos fit well with the above criteria, please submit them! We always enjoy getting photos showing active dogs doing some kind of work/task/play. However, as long as a photo is well-composed and meets the rest of the criteria, it has a chance of being selected, be it an action shot, head shot; a tender quiet occasion, or a moment of fun spontaneity.

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