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May 4, 2020



Mayor of Tybee Island and City Council

403 Butler Avenue

Tybee Island, GA 31328



We are writing to request that Tybee Island open its beach, either completely, or on a limited basis, to dog owners and their pets.

We, the undersigned, are saddened by the fact that we cannot enjoy the Tybee Island beach with our beloved dogs, who, after all, are valued members of our family. We understand your trepidation in this matter, but have observed in our many trips to dog friendly beaches such as Hilton Head and St. Simon’s Island that their beaches, peppered with happy dogs, seem as pristine and clean as yours on Tybee Island. We believe that most dog owners are responsible citizens who want to preserve the integrity of whatever land they enjoy be it city parks, sidewalks, neighborhood lawns, or beaches. Not only would opening your beach to pet owners and their pets be wonderful as your beach bathes us in a kind of incomparable freedom of the soul, it could quite possibly add revenue to your city coffers. We ask that you as a legislative body please include this issue on an upcoming City Council agenda where this issue can be debated and voted upon. If you choose after consideration to continue with your restriction, then we will understand that this is the will of the people. But perhaps, just perhaps, the climate has changed enough to reconsider this issue in favor of allowing pets. That is all that we can ask and we hope that you will reopen this issue to debate in a forthcoming Council meeting.



With all due respect and love for Tybee Island.

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